Iceland–the green


Continuing the chromatic itinerary through Iceland brings us to green in its many shades and intensities. Below are some photographs of the greenest places we came across.

Cafés & Restos

Un café, s’il vous plaît!


For those who, like me, are waiting for spring and dreaming of spending a Saturday afternoon sitting at a sidewalk café enjoying the golden light and breaking the crust of a crème brûlée with la p

Photographic musings Travel

Water unleashed

Icelandic Wtarefalls

It’s impossible to pick a favorite thing about Iceland. Between the glacier lagoon, the volcanoes, the black beaches and the moss-covered hills, it’s enough to blow the average tourist’s mind.


Iceland–the blue

Iceberg Lagoon

We’ve returned from a one-week trip to Iceland. Needless to say, our minds = blown.

Photographic musings Travel

Shades of green in Oregon

Oregon road fog

From top to bottom: driving to Mt Hood, misty road trough the Wilamette forest, Multnomah Falls & Oneonta Gorge, trail to Saddle Mountain, misty road on the North Coast, sunshine through the trees