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And now my stomach hurts from that much laughter

Moment #1:

I bought some dark chocolate today – with tiny chunks of pear in it. And I asked D to guess the flavor. He took a bite, chewed on it for 30 seconds, then pursed his lips a bit, then made his "fish lips" [really funny stuff], concentrated for a moment as if tasting a wine and finally exclaimed "Mint!".

It might not seem very funny now, as you read this, but I laughed so hard, I was grabbing my stomach and I almost chocked. Dangerous stuff!

Moment #2:

D sneezes and I’m too busy reading some stuff online and I don’t say "bless you!". So he decides to take matters into his own hands:

D: "Gesundheit to me, hunny!"

Me: "Oh, yeah! Happy birthday!"

I don’t know why, I tend to say "happy birthday" instead of "bless you" when people sneeze which is always very funny… and embarrassing especially when I’m in a larger group of people.

Moment #3:

I’m sitting on the couch, my legs resting on a chair in front of me. D comes slowly and starts blowing on my toes, which tickles the hell out of me.

Seeing that I’m "enjoying" this to the max, he brings his compressed air thingie (you know the one with a long nozzle, used to clean keyboards and blow away dust from small spaces) and starts using that thing to blow air between my toes while I’m fighting and kicking like crazy. And laughing my lungs off at the same time!

All in all a very fruitful couple of hours!


To keep the same cheerful tune, here’s a pic from our trip to Gaspesie. We lost our volleyball in the bushes, and here we’re holding hands while Teo (the brave one) ventured in the marshes to find the lost ball. I’m the one at the other end of the line, taking the picture with the free hand. You can see that the safety of the entire team rests in my thumb and my index finger.


PS: the compressed air from the compressed air thingie is really cold! Don’t try this at home!

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