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Brave men

I know I promised to write more on the stuff that happened at the conference, but this story has been sitting in Windows Live Writer for a few weeks now, and it’s begging me to be finished. So here goes…

There was a fire in the building across from my apartment building, it was the first fire I ever witnessed, and needless to say I was quite traumatized. Think about it: you come back from work one day and you see 20 fire trucks in front of what you think is your home, and people staring at firemen hosing down the flames that come up the roof. I’m guessing that’s when you begin to panic. And maybe when you realize that yes, you no longer have a place to stay you thank God for buying house insurance…





Anyway, this was also when I realized that firemen are indeed BRAVE MEN, not just in "Ladder 49" but also in real life. And thank the Lord that brave men still exist! That’s something I learnt I should be grateful for…

When I was looking at these pictures I felt like I’d been on a movie set, that’s how surreal it all seemed. I guess it was because of all the smoke in the air which made everything seem so sickly yellow…


Right now I’m just glad it was all over because it was making me feel all sad inside, and that’s not something I want to be burdened with. So here’s something to cheer myself up – dashing (well, more or less) men in uniforms!



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