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So here I am, attending my first conference EVER! It feels really good, and at the same time makes me feel quite small to listen to all those BIG people talk about finding yet another gene responsible for Alzheimer’s or autism, schizophrenia or diabetes mellitus.

Not to mention the hotel was extraordinary (4*, mind you) and if the weather were a bit more lenient and if it hadn’t snowed it would have been down-right PURRRFECT…

I’m in the hotel lobby now, after an astonishingly large meal (I could actually get used to eating a three-course meal everyday, oh, and plus dessert, did I just forget dessert?… but my jeans would eventually explode in the buttocks area after such a regimen) and I decided to update my blog a bit since I’ve been terribly neglectful of it these last few days… But what can you do?! Being a grad student can be quite demanding, who would have thought?

I’ve got quite a few stories to tell about this conference, but that will be another post. I’m off now to attending a talk on pharmacogenomics. Tah – tah!

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