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One of the things I miss the most about France is the wonderful French desserts – such as the exquisite crème brûlée.

But I’m so happy there’s this wonderful bakery Au pain doré 2 min away from where we live. They have all these amazing French pastries (and I’ve made a pledge to myself to try them ALL) and crème brûlée!!!

That’s where we buy our baguettes everyday (which have the exact crunchiness to softness ratio which always leads to my eating half of it on the way home). And every time I went into the bakery I was salivating for those crème brûlées displayed on the counter. So you can understand I was very happy when I finally managed to drag D away from his computer and have 15 min of dessert bliss!

You can guess what I had! I love the way the hard burnt sugar on top breaks while revealing the inside creaminess!


That’s what D had: a mango and strawberry cake which looked amazing and was quite refreshing  perfect combination of sweet and sour!


I have to get back to work now. I’ll let you salivate!

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