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How could I forget about the fire?

During the last part of our trip to Gaspesie, D proved once again just how big a pyromaniac he really is.

That particular night ended with a fire by the beach and I while I readily admit that sitting by the crackling fire, under the bright stars, lying on my back on the grass and staring at the Milky Way was indeed very romantic, what I have a problem with is THE 6 FEET LOG that D wanted to burn.

Yeah, you heard me! He found a 6ft tree trunk brought on the beach by the sea, and considered it “perfect for the fire”. And what’s more, he asked me to help him carry it. Oh the shame!

I only agreed because it was getting dark and I reckoned not very many people would see us carrying a tree! But alas, a middle-aged couple was taking their evening walk at that time and when they saw us with the giant toothpick in our hands, they exclaimed, profoundly surprised “OMG, what are going to do? Roast a lamb?”

Yes, and then we would each drink a barrel of wine and sing ye old songs of merriment!

That fire was also the single most photographed event of the entire trip, almost 100 pictures in 1 hour!

Gaspesie Day 5-141

Gaspesie Day 5-149

Gaspesie Day 5-151 Gaspesie Day 5-152

And some of my favorites, a burning twig…

Gaspesie Day 5-143

and a smoky&burning twig.

Gaspesie Day 5-147

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