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I want Santa to bring me a squirrel for a pet

Before you start screaming "oh, no, not squirrels again!", just hear me out, will ya’?

So D and I went to the same park (La Fontaine) yesterday but this time we brought lots of peanuts. [We figured as long as we’re feeding the squirrels why not go all the way and make them obese? Ha ha… Not really]. And we also brought a 300mm zoom lens.

If you saw D with holding a canon (that lens makes our Canon look like a friggin’ canon] and shooting 3 pics/sec you might have thought "What’s all the commotion about? Where’s Britney?". But actually he was just photographing squirrels.

And I mean how can you NOT?! Look how friendly and cute they are! In this picture it looks like it’s really thinking "should I take this peanut or not? To be or not to be?"


The furry little things are used to receiving treats from people because they were not afraid to take the peanuts right from the tip of my fingers:


Some shy ones however would grab the peanut, quickly take off and hop on a rock 6 feet away and munch on the tasty treat to my and D’s absolute delight…


In this pic you can actually see the peel which these fellas patiently chew off before eating the peanut:


Now here’s a really funny shot – D likes to call it the kung-fu squirrel:


In this picture D. was holding the peanut between his fingers really tight. I guess the squirrel really wanted to peanut so it pushed D’s finger with its little paw, probably saying "Let the peanut go and no one has to get hurt".


Now you see why I love these furry little creatures?

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