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Ice Age 2: the meltdown

Just my luck, eh? It’s been my first winter spent on Canadian grounds and it was one of the snowiest EVER!
So bad actually, that it got my Mom saying stuff like "you simply cannot spend the rest of your life there, come back to Europe!". And she actually had me going for a while.

Not that I have any idea where I’ll be spending my life after the letters P, H, D would have been added to my name. But that’s just to tell you that this kind of weather can make you start pushing the envelope.

And just when things started to improve a bit – like last Sunday for instance when it was sunny and I managed to go through 5 hrs of shopping – we got another snowfall. I tell ya’ it’s like a K1 fight between Terminator and Robocop. [Between you and me I hope Terminator wins, "Hasta la vista, baby" is just too cool a line to be wasted].

But today I finally think spring actually stands a chance after what seemed to be 3 months spent at the North Pole. No more apocalyptic snowstorms, nerve-wrenching drizzle, frozen sidewalks and feet tired of lugging around in 1 ton boots, no more streets looking like this:


Today I actually wore spring shoes and my feet did not freeze, kudos to me! And I also took this great pic of a building in the warm sunset light.


I can’t wait for these trees lining our street to have leaves on them… That day should be declared a national holiday!


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