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Lazy weekend

When my sister and I were little and used to spend hours watching TV and not helping around the house, our parents used to tell us "if laziness hurt, you two would be screaming". That’s exactly what my mother would have said, had she seen me this weekend.

I’m sure you’ve had this kind of weekends before – the kind when your body simply refuses to stand upright. So there you are, curled up on the sofa, tucked in your favorite blankie, sipping blueberry smoothies your boy/girlfriend lovingly prepared.

And watching movies… or entire seasons of your favorite TV shows. At some point on Sunday afternoon we watched Game Plan – your average Sunday afternoon light comedy. Half way through the movie Daniel gets up and says "this is a really good movie". I just took it as one of his ironic comments and left it at that – only to see him, minutes later already on the afternoon train to Dream Land…

After the movie I wanted to go for a walk because my head was going to explode if I didn’t breathe some fresh air. So I tried to wake Daniel up… and tried… and then tried some more… I even used the Tom&Jerry methods – I opened his eyes and put toothpicks between his eyelids so they wouldn’t close 🙂 I’m guessing at some point he took pity on me and woke up despite every fibre in his body telling him that verticality IS BAD!

So we went outside and took some pictures on St. Laurent street until our fingers and toes froze which meant: enough with the fresh air, you’re better off sticking your head out the living room window!



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