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Looks like a duck, walks like a duck…

I really like soy milk! 1. because it’s good and 2. because it’s good for you.

Plus, I don’t really like the aftertaste of regular milk and how I get thirsty right after I have a glass (it’s because I’m just weird that way!) so I’ve managed to substitute it with yummy vanilla-flavor soy milk. Which by the way has more calcium than regular milk! Just for spite!!!


A carnivore that he is, and thinking that soy is the public enemy number 1, D REFUSES to have his mouth less than 3 feet away from a soy milk source just in case the soy milk fumes might leak outside the bottle, penetrate his body through his skin pores and make his brain explode!!!

When I asked him why he so fervently objects to drinking any other kind of milk than that which comes from a moo-ing source, he replied:

"Hun, it’s psychologically impossible for me: it looks like milk, tastes like milk… and it’s made of a legume!"

Now if only it walked like milk and quacked like milk I’m sure I would convince him to have some…

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