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On how I woke up at 4am to see a red ball of fire and almost missed it

Hello darlings!

This story goes back to our last trip to Gaspesie. I’ve been meaning to write it for a long time but I kept forgetting… Well here goes!

It was our 4th day in Gaspesie. We were in Perce, the most famous village in Gaspesie, the one where one can see this 1/2km-long rock sprouting out from the ocean


I should mention that the Perce rock sits at the east of this belvedere point. Which made us realize that at sunrise the view from this point must be phenomenal.

So D and I decided to wake up really early and see the grandiose show of the first rays of sun hitting the rock… See how poetic I am? Now nod in agreement!

Ok, easy enough we thought. We set the alarm clock at 4 am. 4 AM!!! Do you realize how early in the morning that is? My brain considers that a different time zone and my body rebels against whatever it’s being told to do.

So anyway we manage to put some coats on, get our camera and the laptop, start the car and drive 1 km to the dock with a direct view on the rock.

The ride there took something between 2min and 2min34sec so obviously when we got to the dock it was still pitch dark outside.

An important detail: I had never seen a sunrise before, not a LIVE one. I had seen several in pictures, on TV, but never a REAL one. So I knew the colors of the sky are supposed to be breathtaking and all, but didn’t actually know what to expect.

It was already 5:30am (sunrise time for that day), daylight was almost complete, but I had not seen any amazing colors, nothing dyspnea-provoking, just a white-ish, dull sky.

So at this point I tell D "Well this really sucks! Let’s go home!". To which D replies "Noooo, the best is yet to come. The sun will appear at the horizon, like a ball of fire!".

A ball of fire? Yeah! And then Zeus will strike earthlings with his lightening-producing stick! Give me a break! With this in mind I headed back to the car, disappointed to the core.

But as I was walking to the car I glanced back to the rock only to see THIS


and then this


which banished the thoughts lurking in my mind on how the images of sunrises I had seen were a result of a conspiracy theory… phew! oh and it totally made up for waking up at 4am!

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