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On waking up early and the morning kiss

Meet my #1 enemy:


Ok, maybe that’s a lie. I don’t know what/who my #1 enemy is. But the sound of that alarm clock is definitely something I’m not crazy over. And it’s not just the siren-like sound of the alarm, but also the ticking… Oh my God, the ticking is BRUTAL!

D says that I have dwarves walking around in my head and they’re not letting me behave like a normal person in certain circumstances. I think that’s just a euphemism and what he’s really trying to say is I’ve got issues! Ok, so what else is new? Anyway, I’m divagating…

One of these brain-dwelling dwarves is prohibiting me from falling asleep with a ticking sound in the room. Wait! You’ve got the same problem? My dwarves and your dwarves could be cousins. All of us should have a tea party!

That’s why this newly-bought clock is not being wound anymore and is resting in front of my desk, being purely an ornamental piece.

I’ve never been a morning person. But I wish I were. I wish I could wake up early in the morning, go jogging, buy croissants and coffee and then go to work. Sounds nice, doesn’t it? Yeah…

But what actually happens in the morning is, in this order, jump up at the sound of my phone alarm, realize that I am in my bedroom and not in the jungle/desert island/back in highschool, press the snooze button, wake up 15 min later, get out of bed, brush my teeth, yawn a few times and only then wake up for real. At this point it’s safe to talk to me – my neurons will actually connect and I’ll comprehend that the sounds coming out from your mouth are actually words!

Usually D comes in and gives me a kiss before he heads off to work, and depending on my mood I either want to give him a big, warm, "Oh, sweetie!" hug [which I don’t since my brain is in WILL NOT COMPUTE! WILL NOT COMPUTE mode and I literally can’t move] or find the closest pillow and smack him [when my brain is in I’M SLEEPING SO BUGGER OFF mode. I never do this though because he’s just too sweet]. My most common reaction is a big smile and then falling back to sleep. How’s that for a proof of affection?

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