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Paperblanks travel notebook

I love stationery like any other girl – give me a fountain pen and a nice sheet of paper and I’ll start writing… something, anything.

Before my trip to Rome from last summer (a trip I planned to the most intimate of details) I decided I wanted to start keeping a travel journal. But in lack of any satisfactory products, I settled to buy all the raw material from the destination point.

And, while it’s nothing out of the ordinary about Paperblanks, (you find them in every book store out there) I finally went for one of their notebooks.


I liked the design of the cover (inspired from 1860s French tapestries) and the quality of the paper – quite thick but also easy to write on and flip through.

The pages are quite small and I write in big letters so on my trip to Rome alone I filled almost 1/4 of the notebook already. It sort of gives me a weird sense of satisfaction.


Wouldn’t it be nice to have a collection of these, neatly aligned on a shelf, with memories from all the places visited?

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  • I love this! I just bought my very first travel journal and it’s a paperblank notebook as well. They are so pretty and I can’t wait to write my travel stories 🙂


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