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Perfect shopping day

I haven’t posted much lately, but I do have some exquisite tales simmering in the corners of my brain and they’re just dying to be written. Today’s post will be about how marvelous this Sunday was.

Yesterday was one of those days you plan for a long time and eventually it turns out to be BETTER than you had ever hoped. My plans were to do some shopping – mainly bed sheet shopping. I’ve been looking for a color theme for the bedroom and the inspiration finally struck and I decided to go with hot pink and lime. My motto is "If you’d like to eat an ice cream in these colors then they’ll do just fine for your bedroom".

After a few hours of strolling on St. Laurent street I was amazed at how many wonderful boutiques I spotted. I finally made a pitstop at Simon’s and found some wonderful bed sheets, just to my liking. And, as it usually happens I stopped at Crabtree & Evelyn and smelled some wonderful wisteria eau de parfum and shower gel – that’s the next thing on my list.

When I was about to leave I spotted this really cute boutique much like The Body Shop, but a lot less wide-scale. I just couldn’t stop buying these deliciously-smelling soap bars from Asquith & Somerset and some vanilla-scented bath salt form Primal Elements.

I gotta tell ya: I was ready to dunk my nostrils into the soap box and sniff away till my nose began to bleed. Daniel stopped me though, saying that the bath salt smelled too much like pudding and since we had no pudding THE TORTURE WAS JUST UNBEARABLE!!!




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