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Smoothies dilemma

"Some people get massages, some people meditate… I blend" (Will Smith in Enemy of the state).

With the amount of smoothies that Daniel is pouring down his throat lately, I’d say he’s inches away from making that little quote his own – he might even consider turning it into a bumper sticker [when we get a car that is].

And don’t get me wrong, I’m a big smoothie fan, just not in the latest combination of fruit and icecream that currently fills a 2 liter container in our fridge.
Last Sunday night the Smoothie Hunger monster struck again and Daniel went to the corner shop to get the essential ingredients: sugar, spice and everything nice…

He came back 10 min later with TWO bags and said "Hunny I know this looks bad, but I had no choice". You see, the idea for the evening was to use pistachio or vanilla icecream and milk. So what was in the bag? No pistachio, no vanilla, but A HUGE box of butterscotch ripple caramel icecream and a bag of strawberries.
Caramel + strawberries = a big NO NO where I come from, so needless to say I waited for an explanation.

"Well, the box was big, white so I assumed it was vanilla".
"Aaaand… [he says as if trying to make me believe the icecream came with a bonus] "I took a look at the nutritional values and it has less fat than regular icecream".

What puzzles me is that the man [who’s currently writing his 3rd article on computer security] actually read the small label on the box, BUT DID NOT READ THE NAME OF THE ICECREAM!
How could I not love him?

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