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Sometimes an ‘s’ is enough!

D killed his computer mouse! So he wept, and wept for days on end, and then decided to ask for my mouse (MY MOUSE!!!!) because I don’t need it, no, I really love the feeling of the touchpad against the skin of my index finger. [In case you haven’t noticed that was me being sarcastic!]

So when D formulates this abominable request, I say "I thought you didn’t like my mouse, that your mouse was soooo much better!" which of course annoys him a bit so his reply follows "Yeah, well, I’m going to buy a new mouse and my new mouse is going to kick your mouse ass!"


And of course I can only take so much before my pride is offended so I yell "I don’t have a mouse ass!", knowing of course that he actually meant YOUR MOUSE‘S ASS.

This S was what it took though and I made fun of him the entire weekend. And now to make it even worse I’m telling the Internet about it.


As usual, I’m including some photos to add a bit of color to the post.

These were taken in Parang mountains in Romania, last spring by D’s dad. I guess the photographic talent runs in the family.

[This is my way of making up for making fun of you, honey ;)]



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  • In the words on Garfield’s Jon: “sarcasm… you’re getting better at recognising it.” To which everyone’s favorite fat hairball replies: “I’m doing a marathon of House M.D.”


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