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Sounds like Walmart

Last year when I was doing an internship in Sherbrooke I came to Montreal for one weekend to visit D. And since I had to buy some transfer paper I asked D if he knew where I could find a Walmart.

"Yeah, sure" he said. "I know one in the Eaton centre!"

I was really surprised to hear that because while the Eaton shopping centre IS big, Walmart stores are not usually found in such shopping centres. But hey, D was staying in Montreal for 2 years now, so he must have known what he was saying, right?

Mind you, during these 2 years, D had never ventured into the midst of the aforementioned store, but he seemed quite confident about its whereabouts and he had me convinced!

So we went shopping, we bought some shoes for D, had some lunch and Walmart was our next stop.

We took the escalators, got down to the ground floor and all of a sudden D points to a small Hallmark store and proudly says "here it is, hunny, I told you I knew where it was!" while the look in his eye said "gimme a kiss or a snack or something!"

I rubbed my eyes, thinking "is this a mirage?", I blinked a few times, and finally replied:

"Not HALLMARK hunny" I said not knowing what to do – laugh or get angry "WAL-MART! W A L M A R T!"

"Hallmark! Walmart! They all sound the same! Are you sure this is not what you’re looking for?"

Right then and there I laid on the Eaton centre floor, stood there, bewildered and pondered on how it is possible for someone to mistake the most known greeting card store with a place where you can buy furniture and toilet cleaning products from.

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