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Speaking of tushies…

In my last post I was mentioning a certain rear end-related conversation that took place this weekend.

So let me embarrass you [and myself] even further by telling you about another intelligent conversation that D and I had this evening.

I keep hearing this song on the radio. It’s a song I REALLY dislike. But I’ve heard it so many times that it has burrowed into my head and now it sits on my brain poking the backs of my eyes with images from the corresponding video I watched on YouTube.

… which I’m going to share with you [in HD] since I’m all altruistic that way. And because I want you to have your retinas burnt and your ears pierced like mine.


The first time I heard this song I thought it said
when I grow up… [blah blah]
Drive nice cars
I wanna have boobies

Boobies! Today however D brought me back to reality and told me that he had heard the song too and what the lady actually wants is groupies. Groupies! [Now listen, and repeat!] Which makes sense in the context of the song, since she also wants to be a rock star.

So I’ve been made fun of tonight and D told me "well, I hope you’re going to write about that on your blog too. You’ve made enough fun of me, now it’s your turn!"

I should also mention though that I am not a complete moron. I looked at the comments for that video on YouTube, and one one of them was called "the groupied/boobies debate". So, yeah! I’m not the only one!

And another thing. When she was little my sister thought that the song that went "Hmmmm… C’est si bon!" actually said "Hmmm… Sexy bone!" so not understanding song lyrics gives us something to bond over.

Now that the story is over, listen to THIS song – same title but waaaay better. Hope it can ease the pain of having listened to those rockstar wannabes.


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  • Dear Alex,

    After having read your blog tale I got also confused.I have also heard that song on the radio way too many times and everytime it seemed to me the word was ”boobies” and not ”groupies”.So pushed forward by your post here I checked the google and guess what:in several links they have both of the versions with ”boobies” and ”groupies”…so waht is one supposed to think about it????The truth is out there…:)

  • Me 3, me 3, me 3!!! And, as Lorena ponted out, I swear on The Floor Above, there is a version with “boobies”. Word!

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