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Sugar bush [cabane a sucre]

Sugar bushes are places in Canada where you can eat all sorts of things with the ubiquitous maple syrup as a topping. People usually go to a cabane a sucre in March because that’s the best time of the year the best maple syrup is extracted. As an aparte – it still boggles my mind how that stuff is actually coming from inside a tree… but then again a lot of things boggle my mind so don’t let this alter your sleep schedule!



So about 2 months ago we went to this sugar bush thing – it was my first time. And D, knowing there was going to be an all you can eat buffet didn’t hesitate to tell me before we got on the bus:
"Hunny, now you don’t get to play your DON’T EAT LIKE A SAVAGE card!".

[I usually use the DON’T EAT LIKE A SAVAGE CARD when D’s way of aspirating the food makes me associate him with a hungry lion devouring an antelope and I freak out!!! This was just so you know that during 6 out of 10 meals I need to use "the card" for my own piece of mind.]

Well, turns out that I didn’t have to use "the card" – the food was not extraordinary, not even half as tasty as the beast inside D remembered. I mean who eats fried pork fat dunked in maple syrup? Even thinking about it brings my gag reflex alive! The only things I did eat were some fries (you can’t really screw these up) and some chou-croute. Oh, and some dessert.


On our way home while we were freezing our asses off in an unheated bus, D. sits up all of a sudden and says: "I think they turned the heat on! Can’t you feel the seat vibrating?". I was half numbed because of the cold and my butt was not aware of any heat buzzing in from under the chair, so I said "No, I can’t feel anything".
"Really?!" goes D. sounding very surprised at my degree of insensitivity. "My seat is really vibrating".
And after 3 seconds "Oh, no, wait, that’s my cell phone".

There you go, the kind of stuff that sometimes goes on around here and totally makes my day!

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