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D and I take turns for washing the dishes. I know he hates it but I ask him to do it anyway, because I’m kind of bitchy. And he does it because he’s kind of sweet.

A few days ago I asked him to please do the dishes and after a few hours of preparing himself for this daunting task – meaning 1 episode of Myth Busters, a nap, 1 portion of crème brûlée, and pinching my tushy a couple of times, he was finally ready: mentally, spiritually and physically!

And because he just doesn’t seem to be able to overcome his inner geekiness he told me with an air of a rocket scientist who is right about to begin the countdown for a space shuttle headed to Mars:

“Hunny, I am going to start the dishwashing process. Are you ready so I can initialize the workflow?”

Doesn’t it strike you how starkly the underlined words contrast with the main idea of the monologue which was washing the dishes?

I profoundly regret being too weak and not being able to restrain myself from bursting out laughing because what I wanted to say was in the lines of:

“Yes but prior to initialization I would like to validate the workflow scheme. Could you send me a Power Point presentation on how you are going to integrate previous results with the new available technology?”


Here are some shots from Berlin. Can you tell I REALLY liked the lamp posts there?

IMG_0662 Berlin BW


IMG_0515 IMG_0665 Berlin Brandenburg Tor detail

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  • Love you, hug you, miss you, kiss you!!!!
    P.S. When are you coming home, your geeky-ness???


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