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The 16GB conundrum

We’ve got 2 2GB cards and 1 1GB card for our camera. That’s quite a lot of gigs! IMO, apparently not in D’s opinion, because tonight he asked me what I thought about buying this 16GB card for only $40 (plus shipping).

And when he saw that I’m not jumping up and down and saying "yes, yes, how did we survive till now without that? Let’s buy it!" he tried to convince me. The following words came out of his mouth verbatim:

"Honey, you put this card in the camera and you start shooting. In RAW! And you forget about changing the card. You keep on shooting! It’s just like me talking!"
Which is true. When D talks, he never stops [hey, that rhymes!] unless his computer needs him and then you can start a ritual dance and summon the rain cuz’ he ain’t talkin’ to you no more!

So back to the card business… I tried to tell him that we have enough memory, that we’ve never ran out of memory and that the memory is sufficient for pete’s sake! No point in wasting money on something we don’t need. "But it’s better quality" he goes and then adds "Let me tell you something: if I’ve just eaten something but there’s something else in the fridge, even if it’s not waaay better, if it’s only slightly better than what I just had, I’ll make the effort of getting up and walking to the fridge!"

How’s that for an explanation?

It totally makes me realize that our conversations are getting more and more like the stuff you hear in Seinfeld (see 2 posts ago) or Friends. This is sooooo like something Joey would say, don’t you think?


This is a picture of a rose D brought me a few weeks ago. I’ve played with some filters in Paintshop Pro and Lightroom and this is what came out.


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