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The desert island predicament

So it seems that if D met the genie in a bottle and was asked for 3 wishes, one of them would probably be “send me on a desert island” and the next one would be “and I want a quadcore computer with me”. I would probably be wish #3. Maybe.

A few days ago we had this highly entertaining conversation on “what food would you take with you on a desert island”.

D: I would take some Roquefort so I can have it with the steaks I’ll prepare. There will be plenty of steaks on the island! Oh yeah! I’ll also take lots of crème brûlée and to drink… mineral water.

[The details of his master plan amazed me. Sounds like he’s ready to go, right?]

D: So what would you take?

Me: I don’t know, I don’t like food that much…

D: You’ll just eat spinach and leaves on the island. Ok, now if you could choose a book by any author to bring with you, instead of food…

Me: Can I bring the author instead? 😉

[I meant this one as a tease]

D: The author? NO! I‘ll be there, and I’ll have plenty of food. And you’ll have to come to me for crème brûlée and Roquefort.

Hmm… I wonder if I could trade some spinach for that…


Here’s a picture of me against a setting sun in Gaspesie.

Gaspesie Day 5-132

And the weird beach with black rocks instead of sand

Gaspesie Day 5-125

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