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The journey of the red shoes

Once upon a time there was a red pair of shoes which a little girl bought for only $30 because they were on sale.

One day the little girl decided to go on a trip in a land far, far away, together with her boyfriend Prince Charming who was riding a Chevrolet Impala at that time.

And because the shoes were tired of sitting in a dark closet, they asked (because they were talking shoes) the little girl: "Please, little girl, take us with you. Don’t let us in the closet with the mean biker boots!"

"Ok" said the little girl "as long as you don’t take up a lot of space in my bag".

"Yes, yes, we promise" said the shoes.

And away they went…

They stepped on the rocky beach near Cap-des-Rosiers where they listened to the waves and then helped the little girl run away from a dog that was chasing her.


Then they arrived at Cap Blanc and they walked along the beach while Prince Charming was throwing logs in the ocean…


And one they, at Cap d’Espoir the little girl left the shoes sit alone on the beach while she drew in the sand with her bare toes.


At first the shoes were a bit upset because the little girl was running around and splashing through the waves without them.


And they decided to run off by themselves and leave their cold-hearted owner shoe-less on a deserted beach…


But before they could go through with their evil plan, the little girl came back.She took the red shoes in her hands, cleaned the sand off of them and they all walked away in search of a new adventure…


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