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The new and improved

First things first: I made a new header for The Tell-Tale Blog. I used a set of brushes called "Stalker" downloaded from DeviantArt.


The plan is to change the header and motto at least once a month. This month’s motto "that’s what she said", is a direct reflection of my  newly discovered passion for The Office (yes, I did not watch it so far… Blasphemy!).

Next: I have two NEW BLOGS – Genetics baby! and The Purrfect Shoes and you can navigate between blogs by using the gray bar above the name of the blog.


Genetics baby! is a place where I will explain concepts from genetics (doh!)and molecular biology. What lead me to start this blog was the large number of movies out there that use genetic concepts in a totally offensive way for scientists (my top example would be Heroes).


The Purrfect Shoes is a blog born out of my love for fashion and design. See, scientists are not totally un-creative!!! So this blog will host my rants on anything style-related. I hope you like it!

All these 3 blogs are inter-related and each of them displays in the right and left sidebars links to the posts on the 2 other blogs.

Finally, I’ve put a link to our (mine and D’s) gallery. I’ll write a new post to let you know whenever we’ve added some new stuff on the gallery.

That’s it for now! I hope you like the new format. If you’ve got something to say, just leave your comments. Also, new ideas about the stuff I could write about on the genetics blog are more than welcome!

Infinite Xs and Os.

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