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We saw whales!

Again, apologies are required… But I hope I’ll make it up to all of you who are still reading my ramblings by saying that I came a few inches closer to having a "Free Willy" experience.

As I was saying, D and I went to this very picturesque village, called Tadoussac.


It’s only 800 km from the ocean and because the St. Lawrence river is very wide in that region whales venture in that area in search for tastier food. And apparently they find plenty since they keep coming back every year!

Unfortunately I can’t say the weather and us were BFF – it was very foggy and chilly. Which on the other hand was also quite fortunate since we could take pictures like these:



So we got on one of these cruise boats and set sail to a place where we could see the much awaited creatures.


Because of the damn fog we could only see the whales that came really close to the boat. And I swear, even if I don’t have the pictures to prove it one of the minkes (see below) did a back flip at less than 20 m of the boat. It was really amazing!

We saw beluga whales, which are white, not very big and don’t really come out of the water to have their picture taken. Their sexy backs look like this:


So I take it you’re not impressed, eh? Well, then take a look at this minke whale (much bigger, around 4m and 4 tonnes, and the camera loves it).



D was the real pro taking these pictures, using the 3 photos/sec capability of our Canon to the max. In fact the camera sounded just like a machine gun when D was taking the photos, which sort of made us the center of attention for a few seconds… before the whales came out again…

There actually were these two ladies sitting right beside us on the boat. They had each her handy cam and they were both trying to take a picture of the beast! Now just try to imagine A TINY CAMERA, which takes a few seconds to process the picture you just took and THE WHALE which spent about 1.5 sec with its head above the water. What are the odds of taking a picture of the whale? Yeah.
So here’s a conversation that took place ("it" refers to a picture of the whale):

Lady 1: Tu l’as eu? (Did you get it?)

Lady 2: Non, je l’ai pas eu. Toi tu l’as eu? (No I didn’t get it. Did you get it?)

Lady 1: Non, moi non plus. (Nope, me neither.)

D (after taking more than 50 photos in a few sec): Moi je l’ai eu! (I got it!)

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