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When boredom makes you do strange things

So here I am with stories from the first conference I attended as a PhD student. Overall it was a one-of-a-kind experience that had me talking about it for days on end.

However due to limited brain capacity I did not seem to focus on what some of the speakers were saying, especially if the talk was close to 12:30 when my stomach was acting up!

Because some of the talks were slightly outside my region of interest and therefore perceived (again by my tiny brain) as somewhat boring. And I mean not just unfathomably dull, but also excruciatingly long and monotonous. You know, the kind that make you do your grocery list in your head, or see for how long you can hold your breath, or even experiment with Origami using sheets of paper brutally torn from the hotel notepads.

This scene from Gilligan’s Island was actually manufactured during a talk on protein interaction maps in the yeast:


Yeah, well, excuse me for not going ga-ga over yeasts!

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