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When I first discovered the online paradise called Etsy, it was as like the first time I dunked my foot in a bubble bath or the first time pistachio icecream melted on my tongue.

Etsy is full with beautiful things and I could spend days on end looking for cute crochet bunnies, or little wood toys, prints and even gift tags.

My first Etsy purchase was this handbag from a store called Dasha’s Creations.


The pink-green combination has always been one of my favorites, but the fabrics in this handbag are just over the top gorgeous! And the little embroidery adds a bit of extra charm and cuteness…

I also received this super nice purse where I’m going to keep all the receipts, business cards and post-its that are lying in complete disarray on the bottom of my old handbag.


I can hardly wait to show these beauties off.

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  • I’m also amazed how talented and creative some of the Etsy sellers are .
    I’m stay at home sleep deprived mom and my long term goal is to create happy and healthy family
    Cooking , cleaning … Is always in a progress … make something that I finish for others to enjoy is my short term and fulfilling accomplishment . I cannot even explain how your lovely post have made me feel . Thank you so much , Alex .
    You have a brilliant mind and I cannot wait to see more of your posts .
    Please forgive me my shaky English .


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