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Overheard in Montreal

Don’t you just love it when you overhear people say stuff while they’re passing by you on the street? Especially when they’re saying crazy/stupid stuff which almost makes you yell to their face “Dude, that’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard!” or “You my friend are definitely NOT a rocket scientist!”

Sometimes the stuff you hear is just mind-blowingly funny, like this little conversation I overheard while using the facilities at the Eaton Shopping Centre this weekend:

Little girl to mother: “But mommy why can’t I pee standing up? Tommy does… I want to pee standing up…”

A true feminist, wouldn’t you say? So what if we wear little pink dresses and want to be like Snow White? That shouldn’t stand in the way of our dreams! And by God, peeing upright is one worth fighting for!


Sometimes the stuff people say reveals so much of their charming personality that you can’t help but wonder  “Who is this person and why am I not Facebook friends with them?

Girl at McGill freshman party: “I’m not drunk, I just can’t walk that straight!”

Now that I think of it this reminds me of the famous quote by Dean Martin “I am not drunk. I can lay on the floor without holding on!”. I would put this one next to “Cogito ergo sum” in the philosophy books.


Guy on cell: “I bought some paper clips, binders, post-its, condoms…”

… at which point the 2 possible thoughts going through one’s mind would be either “I didn’t know they sold condoms in stationers” or “Binders and condoms! Way to go dude!”


Montreal at night (taken this fall)


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