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$4 worth of pampering

Yesterday D wanted to install Ubuntu on one of the servers. I asked why and he gave me a detailed explanation which unfortunately I am unable to reproduce here.

When he realized he needs a blank CD for this he wasn’t too happy because we didn’t possess any which meant he’d have to go to the corner store (actually get out of the building!) and buy one.

But a few minutes later his spirits rose like Phoenix from the ashes. He’d found 2 $2 coins that had fallen behind the servers.

And you know that feeling you get when you find $20 in a coat pocket. That’s sheer exhilaration; there are endless possibilities for those $20!

Well, multiply that euphoria by 10 and you’ll get a glimpse of how D felt when he found the $4.

“Wow, I found $4! Ooooo, I’m going to pamper myself” he said.

When I say ‘pamper’ I think: a facial and a massage, soak in a bubble bath for half an hour and then eat a tub of Haagen Dazs.

When D says ‘pamper’ he means buying 4 CDs instead of just one.


D took this picture 2 weeks ago. The pentagon-shaped thing is the moon, in case you were wondering.


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