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Metaphysical questions

Lunchtime conversations with my work mates revolve around all sorts of topics, from food to dreams to siblings to every possible aspect of the lives of young, geeky geneticists.

Whatever the topic however, we always seem to be able to find a resemblance with something that happened in a TV show. Friends, Seinfeld, House, The Office, always come up in our conversations and almost everyday there will be someone saying “remember that episode from…?”


Like this one time when we were talking about the process of giving birth and I mentioned the episode from The Office when Dwight prepares Michael for the time when he’d have to assist Jan while delivering the baby. We were all laughing so hard that we almost chocked with our food when we remembered how Dwight was actually lying GYN-style on the desk, with a melon (symbolizing the baby) under his coat, and when Michael finally delivered the melon, he dropped it on the floor. Turns out Dwight had put butter on the melon because “babies are slippery”.

A muffin-related conversation has once made us remember how Elaine only ate only the top of the muffins, not the stumps.


Only a few days ago we were wondering about the origins of Nesquick. When we realized it was Swiss(made by Nestle), we all thought of Nestle Tollhouse and how Phoebe promised Monica her grandmother’s cookie recipe which turned out to be plain, old, out-of-a-bag, commercial cookies.


Then someone mentioned Joey’s attempt to learn French and how a phrase as simple as “Je m’appelle Claude” turned into “Ble bleeh bloo bloo bloh”. And then we all died laughing.

Anyway, the point I’m trying to make here is “are we watching too much TV?” and have we all become so indoctrinated with this sitcom ideology? Are today’s TV shows that good so as to have all of us loving them? Or are our lives so sitcomey that we feel they’re made of little snippets of life on the other side of the screen? If so, is it that bad?

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