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About my mother

One of the things I am grateful for is the relationship I have with my mother. I don’t think I could ask for anything different as far as this relationship goes. It’s probably why I never felt the need to have a friend my age. You know the kind of friend I’m talking about: the one you share all your secrets with, a person that ‘gets’ you, a person you call 8 times a day to talk about absolute nonsense. I never really needed that. I had my Mom and we talked about everything.

I had friends of course, best friends, whom I love deeply but somehow I feel that the real deal was the friendship with my mother.

My Mom has always been my best friend. A friend I love and respect enormously. And how can you not have these feelings for the person who willingly throws away all considerations for a good figure and carries you in their womb for 9 months. Throughout all my growing up process my Mom has always been my confidant, my go-to person. I still feel this way now when I could have kids of my own.

She is a person I can laugh with about the silly, funny things that happened to either of us. And when I say laugh, I mean sometimes hysterical fits of stomach-grabbing, jaw-hurting cackling. You cannot imagine how my face hurts after being contorted in a laugh position for 3 straight minutes while on the phone with my mother.

My Mom excels in every little aspect where motherhood skills are needed. Her mama bear instincts are a bit over the top and she will sometimes stress out over the most insignificant things. Like the one time when she went berserk because I was not online and she couldn’t reach me. Or every time I have to leave the country [you know, because I am being chased by the Interpol] and she cries her eyes out when she sees me going through security at the airport.

I know that I wouldn’t be the person I am today if it weren’t for my mother. Everything I achieved so far: my studies, my knowledge, my view on life, I owe to her. When I was in 6th grade she wouldn’t let me join the school band and told me to go to Math practice instead. I was mad then because all the girls were in the band while I was stuck with the geeks. Well guess what? None of those girls became mezzo-sopranos whereas Math brought me to the University in Lyon which brought me to meet D, so thanks Mom. [I’m not sure she saw things that far, but still].

I know that I resemble her in so many ways but I can only hope that when I do have kids of my own I will be able to show the same strength and extraordinary parenting skills she showed while raising my darling sister and me.

I am grateful to her for instilling her unquivering faith in us, for always giving us the best advice, for always making us feel safe and for always, always putting our well-being before hers.

It’s my mother’s birthday on the 14th (go figure!) and I wish she could just leave everything behind and be here with me. I know I should grow up already but I miss her a lot!


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  • Beautiful! Does your mom know? I sure hope you sent her the translation or that she was able to read it and understand it as it is. And also, one of those best friends you hinted at better be me, or else no cookies for you!!! 😛
    P.S. I miss you, you never call anymore!


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