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Newborn babies. Don’t freak out!

French photographer Thierry Bouët has taken pictures of newborn babies, one hour after their birth.

These photos were on display the window of La Samaritaine department store in Paris.


Man, are babies freaky!

It kind of makes you wonder: does anyone like these weird-looking flesh-and-hair balls with eyes?

I guess that’s when the maternal instincts kick in because to tell you the truth these pics sort of make my ovaries cringe a bit!

But who wouldn’t look like a mucus-dipped raisin after being soaked in amniotic fluid for 9 months?

I think after they get used to the non-humid conditions, the atmospheric pressure and whatnot their faces acquire a more human-like shape.

Here are more pictures of these smoochies. But don’t let these images make you consider a childless life! Babies are cute! After a few days.





Found out about this via A cup of Jo.

Samaritaine photo from here.

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  • I happened to see these photos live in Paris and thought they were part of a “ill newborns” awareness campain !

    If before I had second doubts about having children, this really made my mind ! 😀

  • I’ve heard that babies born via c-section are less squished.

    & what a cool idea. I can’t imagine a department store here having that kind of display.


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