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Seven pounds


This is one of the best movies I have seen. After “The Pursuit of Happiness” I knew Will Smith had a lot to offer, more than Independence Day and Men in Black that is.

But it’s not only Will’s amazing performance that makes this movie so awesome. What did it for me was the story. When you’ve seen the amount of movies that I have it becomes extremely hard to be genuinely surprised by a film.

Seven Pounds is so surprising that you don’t know what’s going on till the last ten minutes. The element of surprise is omnipresent.

I had the “what the heck is going on” feeling throughout this movie and although I was speculating all the time “maybe he’s doing this, maybe he’s doing that, maybe HE’s the bad guy”, I couldn’t figure out how the entire puzzle fitted together until the very end.

Everything is superbly done. The acting, the settings, the lights, the music. Oh, the music: here’s a little spoiler for you. At a certain point in the movie Will and Rosario dance to Charles Aznavour’s “For me formidable”. Aznavour!… and Will Smith!… there’s an unusual combo for you. I’m not going to give away more than that. I’ll just say this: it was one of the most formidable moments of the movie. That and the fact that I wept like a baby, so have some tissues handy!

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