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Talk about mammals

D: Not all insects have antennae.

Me: Yes they do.

D: Name one!

Me: Cockroaches.

D: What about those big ones, with claws?

Me: That’s not an insect. It’s a crab. They’re crustaceans.

D: What about tarantulas? Are they insects?

Me: No, they’re arachnids. It’s different.

D: Oh.


Me: Do you know what defines mammals?

D: They’re big.

Me: No, it’s 3 things. One of them is that they have fur on their bodies.

D: Yes, they’re fuzzy. You can hug them. No wait, whales are mammals. Do they have hair?

Me: Hmm, maybe not. Whales are an exception.

D: I know, you can eat them. Mammals are yummy.

Me: Eat them? Eeew, that’s gross. Does everything has to associate with food? You want to know what the other two defining characteristics are? They give birth to live babies and they feed them with milk.

D: How do the whales feed their babies with milk? Huh? Tell me that! Were do they have the things? And where do the babies put their mouths? How?… What…

By ‘things’ I’m assuming he meant ‘do whales have breasts?’. And the answer is yes, my friends. They have boobies, like all mammals.

And apparently some whales also have hair. Read it on wiki just now. Go figure!

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