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Emo, skinny jeans and thoughts on male legs

I was in the UK when the whole EMO thing became so popular that even I noticed it. Emotional teenagers began sprouting from everywhere: black nail polish, black eye-liner, black hair, black clothes, pink boots, weird hairstyles, girls that look like Goth music stars and boys that look too much like girls.

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I have almost nothing against the innumerable piercings they have in their upper lip, lower lip, tongue, ear and let’s just not mention any other anatomical parts. I don’t mind their weird hairstyles although their 3D vision must be impaired with those bangs covering half their faces, diagonally. I have nothing against the raccoon-like makeup style and the soot around their eyes [some girls actually look nice with ‘smoky’ eyes] even if said soot is accompanied by bright pink on the upper eye lid and black-ish lipstick. No, I don’t mind any of these. My brain can successfully process the info and then carefully store it away in a dark corner where these memories will eventually fade away and die.

What I do mind is the skinny jeans on THE WRONG KIND OF PEOPLE! Some wrongfully assume that because we have all these rights and we’re free to do almost anything, we can also wear anything. False! You (girls)should not wear bras with ‘invisible’ plastic straps that emerge from under your tank top. You should not wear socks and sandals. No one should be able to see your underwear if you’re wearing pants and you’re not engaged in a strip-tease – seeing thongs above the low-rise jeans is a definite faux-pas. You (guys) should not wear tank tops which make you look like a very uncool Jean-Claude Van Damme (unless you’re at the gym, which sort of justifies it).

And guys, don’t, for the sake of all mankind, wear skinny jeans! Ever. Because, boys, no matter how cool you think you look, or how much these ballerina jeans illustrate your inner emotional struggle against the adversities of the world and the coldness of those who don’t get you, they still make you look ridiculous.

Sprayed-on jeans are meant to emphasize a pair of beautiful legs. And who usually gets this type of compliment in the first place? Women. I have yet to hear a guy being told “great legs, dude!”. No, guys don’t have nice legs by definition. They are either too muscular, too scrawny or too much like tree branches with big bony, protruding knees. And while I have nothing against male ballet dancers or Robin Hood, who have to wear tights as a part of their job, I would really resent seeing them in their ‘work clothes’ while grocery shopping.

Skinny jeans can be really tight thus revealing too much and making everyone in a 1 mile radius of the wearer very uneasy. I can only guess they must be very uncomfortable in their action of squishing certain things men don’t usually want squished. I can also only guess that this must not make the male wearer very happy – probably the reason he became emo in the first place.

And girls, if you think that just by being a member of the fair sex you are by definition fair in every article of clothing you set your eyes on, think again!

If you look like this


please, please, please save us the eye sore and stay away from everything tight. If your belly floods over your pants in a very unappealing ‘muffin top’, stay away from low-rise skinny pants – you’ll actually feel better and will probably be able to finally breathe. If by any chance your low-rise jeans are too low thus revealing your tushie whenever you sit or bend to tie your shoe laces, save yourself the embarrassment and change pants… or maintain vertical position!

And finally here’s muffin top-related video. Enjoy!

Later edit: For all those who decide to leave a comment, unless it contains horrible atrocities or foul language, I’m going to allow it. It’s everyone’s right to state their opinion, so who am I to say no to that.

However: please, for the love of God, CHECK YOUR SPELLING! Here is a video to help with homophones.

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  • Oh dear, I understand this perfectly. Boys + Skinny Jeans = most likely gay, or too metro for anyone.

  • Yeah those jeans look awful.

    To agree with your opinions about emo teenagers, some of them here where I live do not look right in emo style because I think emo style works very well on a fair skin. Some of them here are dark skinned so it looks wrong on them

  • Dear LORD there are a lot of pasty white guys with skinny jeans running around Oxford. Girls, too.

    My god, it’s a freakin’ epidemic.

  • Just cruisin’ the weird world of the internet.

    I don’t have enough hair to go emo. Also, on me, skinny jeans means wearing size 34 pants when I should be wearing 36″ pants. With 34″ pants, the pot-belly is present. Don’t worry, it’s not skin exposed. Eww!

  • I gotta get out of this site before I get called “a pervert.”

  • I was not a big fan of the skinny jeans, I did own a pair black skinny jeans when they first came out, it took me a year to try them on and guess what, I looked like her in the video, bin lol

  • I love this song! Oh, and Skinny jeans are hottt on guys! I meself am emo, and I know what I am talking about. Oh, and for your information, emo is NOT about being sad and upset, but about expressing your inner self. I know a emo man who – get this – drinks tea, is a veg. and dances while talking to you. By the way, I love your blog!

  • Okay, there’s nothing wrong with wearing what you want to wear. I love skinny jeans, but admirably do not wear them because I too, would have the muffin top syndrome. I do love me some guys wear’n them tho… 😀

    ‘Emo’ is great, providing that no cutting is really involved. I think the pull for emo guys is that they actually show emotions rather than be all macho and uncaring. 🙂
    Plus….gay friends are the best.
    I would know. :} I have some.

    -Shay (15)

  • ok i agree with the muffin shit but boys in skinnys and girls i guess looks fucking gorguzzz and attractive and the hairstyles well ppl sometimes do them all sceney to express themselves but in other cases its still cool and unlike use posh lil fuckers emos,goths,punks soo on r still humans just the same as use lame ppl yepp

  • ok i aswell hav nothing against guys wearing skinnys its fcuking gorguzz and why label a emos just cuz u dont like them or how they dress or act or do or say , emo,goth,punk soo on they are all ppl just like you and i love emo hairstyles there RADD!!

  • […] seems that my post on emos and skinny jeans managed to get the attention of some web surfers out there. People in search of answers, people who […]

  • im emo and wering black all the time iz cool and if u have a problem deal with it(: just playing but i am emo

  • I, personally, HATE the term emo. Just because I was called it a lot in middle school. And it caused me to get into a lot of fights. I do not think you should be all, “Oh, i’m so emo.” It makes you sound stupid. So does self-proclaiming yourself to any label. Goth is all good, and so is punk, scene, emo, hipster, steampunk, but sorry, jock and prep are dumb. XD just my opinion. I am usually considered a “scene-kid”, But I like to blend new-scene with hipster, punk, and steampunk, with just a hint of goth. But I’m usually too lazy to wear all that cool stuff, so I just wear skinny jeans (the only kind of pants I wear) with a band-t or an graphic-t (by grphic-t i mean like a t-shirt from aeropostale, hollister, or american eagle), or shirt and tie (yes, shirt and tie with skinny jeans, it looks amazing). So I’m pretty arbitrary when it comes to clothing. I also love grunge/industrial music, but no one would by looking at me. haha. http://www.purevolume.com/drewxpatrick, my music.

  • okay who died and made you the fashion police if people want to were skninny jeans thats there bussness and in my opinion guys who were them look very hot so yall just need to shut the front door and get over urselfs i really hate how everyone is giving emo’s this oh no i hate myself and the world is over, teenagers who act like that are just that acting there wat u call posers so yea and btw im emo for all yall who r slow and alot of my frieds r aswell.

  • — @ Raven: I’m not trying to be the fashion police here. I’m just expressing my opinion on my blog. You have to accept the fact that there will always be people who don’t share your views.
    If you don’t like my opinion, ignore it! There’s no need to get upset and start insulting people.

  • Wow. Why is everyone critisizing emos recently? we have our style and we like it, i guess other people will find it weird at first for guys to wear skinny jeans but everyone will get used to it. Alax, you should really get over yourself because all your speech makes you seem like an annoying whinny kid, so how about you stop with the critisium and just take it as it is.
    Thank you.

  • ’emo’ is short for ’emotional’ .
    and that ‘ella’ girl must be a bad ’emo’ if she doesn’t get that.
    wearing black and following trends doesn’t make you emo
    it makes you a trend.
    just the same with punk.
    but in saying all this i dress ’emo’ and i love guys in skinny jeans.

  • i compleatly agree with you! … with everything on hurr!

  • i think guys look amazing in skinny jeans and i know there legs can look really skinny and kinda nasty well its what they want to wear! and i wish there was more of it around here! and they make there pants sag alil so that they arnt squished!

  • I luv skinny jeans only pants I wear! but that mite b cuz I gots the legs 4 em lawlz. I sumwat agree wit the whole thing of certain peoples and not wearing thems but um wat the heck its ur personal choice wat ya do I think everybody should b able to choose wat they want rite? Oh and yesh wearin black doesn’t make u emo altho I got called goth 4 havin black hair but now its every colour of the rainbow yay 🙂 Toodles peoples of the world!

    xoxo Kat (17)

  • I luv skinny jeans they all I wear well um pant wise lawlz. I wear skinny jeans cuz I gots the legs 4 em and sure ya not everybody looks totally fab in em but its their choice rite? btw wearin black doesn’t make u emo or goth despite wat peoples think I should kno I get stereotyped ALL the time kk get it rite I’m not emo which means emotional I’m scene which is being emo stylized but not emotional for those of u who don’t got a flyin clue of an idea lawl. n e ways toodles peoples of the world!
    oxKatxo (17)

  • omg!!! skinny jeans on guys are hot! ppl who dont get ’emo’ shouldnt pass judgment. ’emo’ and ‘scene’ are just ike anyother label, and being labeled, not a good idea for those doing the labeling, ppl who are judging, should take a step back, and look at it a different way. they like different music, and dress different, but seriously, who in the world dresses EXACTLY the same as the next person!? btw, didnt mean to sound harsh, but getting judged by someone who doesnt have a clue, not nice. not nice at all.
    sionara!!! xoxo

  • fair doos your may have your opinions but my opinion is that everyone keeps there opinions to themselves rather than actually slightly insulting them by your opinion, just let them do what they want and if they want to look completely terrible in there skinny jeans let them its really not your decision on what people do so just let them be rather than being such a bitch.

  • oo i wuz told that u shud were skin tight clothing, size doesn’t matter.. guess i wuz wrong..?

  • okay. i am emo. sometimes people take it a little too far with the skinny jeans, but who are you to tell them what to wear? they are not pysically hurting you…and if you say otherwise…your dumb. stop telling people not to wear what they want…its called freedom of expression. also, being emo isn’t about being sad?hating the world/or cutting yourself. its about expressing yourself and what you feel, and also what you like. and your telling all the emo people out there to stop. yeah. thats not very good, because if emo people started telling stuck-up preps and jocks as well as any other ‘clique’ not to wear their style of clothing and by chance the listened, the world would be full of very boring people. let people express themselves.

  • oh yeah, and whoever says guys+skinny jeans=gay. you need to shut up and get your facts straight before you state them. i know PLENTY of straight guys that wear skinny jeans. if you’d like an example…look up BrokeNCYDE. they wear skinny jeans and clearly are NOT gay. god this blog just pissed me off.

  • @ most crybabies here ( I’m so sorry, Johnny Depp, we still love you! ): Learn to spell or get the eff out of here!!!

    @ Alexandra: Any more trash need taking out??? 😉

  • –@TweeBubbleKlutz: you said it, sista’! I am literally laughing when reading these guys’ comments. Obviously teenagers who just want to “express themselves” and “be different” but somehow they all manage to wear the same “uniforms”. So as you can see, I am a bitch for not allowing them to express themselves. As if I’m going into the store with them, pointing a gun to their head and saying “buy the skinny jeans and you get a bullet”. Give me a break!

  • they look like clowns

  • i love skinnys on guys and girls they go on anyone xxx

  • Hmmm..
    That was interesting.

    Just for the emo people defending themselves,
    I think you are misunderstanding what Alexandra’s saying.
    You’re all talking about how expressive you are and how people shouldn’t tell you what to wear.
    Well she never said you are all depressive.
    You can express yourself all you want.
    And she’s not telling you what to wear.
    All she’s doing is making suggestions and expressing her thoughts too.

    So you shouldn’t get all offended and defensive about it.
    (sorry, just saying)

  • okay i for one am emo and i think skinny jeans and the amazing style is really hot but thats just me. I think that everyone has their own opinion but it always seems lyk yewr pickin on us, so go pick on sum wanna-be’s or preps!! =]
    also i have to say that it doesnt always mean yew cutt or are depressed because yewr emo, yew just wanna be yew and no bodt else!!! we have our own style thats for us nd it culd be different for yew!!

    XoJuStYoX =]

  • wow.this is funny.everybodys talking about how it just started this year nd stuff when the kids here in racine have been wearin skinny jeans for years.we look hott!!!!nd that whole “emo” term is sooooo overused.we call them scene kids here cuz emo became the new steryotype nd its outta control nd u cant fix it.

    fyi…scene = long hair w bangs tossed off to the side, tight skinny jeans, ne t-shirt that is not graphic (as in aero, hollister, etc) nd accesories.accesories kinda show ur personality.usually things involving hello kitty, pokemon, gir, mario, u get it

    nd now they have skinny jeans that have more room for ur ‘junk’ since every1s so afraid to say it.nd if theyre isnt, u make room by letting them fall just a little farther

    actually now im 1 of like 3 guys who even still wear tight skinny jeans most guys just wear that whole loose skinny jeans stuff.nd the emo thing is over too.im 1 outta mayb 5 guys who still have long hair w bangs tossed off to the side.nd no guy paints their nails black now nd u forgot to talk about that whole eyeliner on guys thing too.id like to read all the comments u get on that

  • ok i am kinda emo amd i ware skinny jeans my self and i love it when guys were them i think it is amazing and i tottlay agree with ella perso emo is not about being sad i am just expressing myself and the way i like to dress

  • Okay, i wouldnt name myself “emo” but i suppose i get called it alot.
    Guys in skinny jeans i think looks good. instead a big flairy pair.
    I agree that if you’re like that picture, maybe don’t wear skinny jeans, espescially not bright pink ones that attract attention.
    But it’s about expressing who you are as aperson. not just about the clothes you wear.
    I sound all wise and stuff xD

    so all you guys keep on wearing skinnies! 🙂

  • ————–Note to commenters————–
    I will approve most of the comments within reason. Stuff like “you are so f*ucking stupid” or “get the f*ck over it” WILL NOT be approved and you WILL go straight to my spam list!

    Also, make an effort and don’t write like a retard! This is a blog entry into which I’ve put a certain amount of thought and effort, it’s not a text message. Use your brain when you post a comment!

  • Yes, be mean! You go girl! Educating our young ones one blog post at a time! 😛 I am NOT being sarcastic, see one of my own comments above! Love, love, LOVE ya’!

  • seriously people need to learn to live with emos… emos are here to stay because its a way of life…. not just a trend…. not just thinking your following someone to be cool it you expressing yourself in the way you feel some a re dark sinister… some happy go lucky… but really… labeling us is not something that is needed just like i dont label people other things… learn to accept people for who they are without label and the world would be amazing and yes i maybe emo as most of you would say… but dont label me cuz of it…. its who i am and who i wanna be so live with it…

    and skinnies look amazing on guys and girls… enough said… theres nothing wrong with us we just have diffrent way of life then the rest of you!

  • All of you need to get a freaking life.
    Also don’t label it’s really douchy.

  • ok u dont need to be emo to like skinny jeans and u dont have to be gay to either. i am emo and i do like skinnys. but my sister isnt and she likes them too same with my boyfriend and he isnt gay. the only people who shouldnt wear them are people who arent skinny it just doesnt look right. but hey dont judge people on if they r gay or emo or anything just by their clothes. and i am an emo who does cut herslef so if u write a comment to respond to mine watch what u write. trust me dont mess with me

  • So I was doing a social experiment at my school and what it was was I dressed emo/scene. next day I was how I normally dress, and then I dressed like a typical jock at my school. What I found out was depending on my clothes I was wearing some people either would or wouldn’t talk to me. We all should talk to everyone you never know who might like the same shit as you even if you are a skater or a punk or a jock or prep or emo or anything forget the fucking labels society puts on you and have fun meet new people and enjoy the riches of a short life.

  • WTF!! What are you talking about!?!?! emo boys are hot just the way they are and I would actualy reccomend the skinny jeans for those who don’t wear them. Of course, I agree with you on the muffin top part- who wouldn’t? Muffin tops are not very attractive at all…*gags* anyway, you ARE in fact dead wrong about the whole emos are depression thing, and I’m sure I saw some one’s comment that said what I am just about to say, amen!-That emos are mostly about expressing yourself and stands for emotion/emotional and in some cases (this is going to sound insane but hear me out) you have to be born emo… because, alot of the “emo” image is being very intact with your emotions and being able to understand yours and others emotions well. They are usually very friendly and despite what you’ve heard, they do not, i repeat, DO NOT, cut themselves. emo is in NO WAY AT ALL associated with self-harm or suicide in any way, shape, or form. Trust me, I know this for a fact. The whole cut yourself kill yourself thing is a complete and disrespectful rumor that some idiot made up and like most lies, it spread through wispers, internet, email, etc until it was worldwidely labeled as emo. And now that people think this is true, there are wannabe emo kids/ wemos who just aren’t emo and weren’t meant to be, that cut themselves thinking that when they do this they will be emo, but they are dead (or soon to be dead) wrong… wow that was a stupid joke… -off topic!- How do i know this? because I used to be one, and i’m not proud of it… although, emo is really impossible to explain to some one or to be put into a deffinition, it is something that one needs to figure out for themselves to know the true meaning of it. I had to figure it out ofr myself because it is too complicated to be explained, all i can do is merely start you off on the right path to understanding it, and give you hints and trues or falses, just small things that can sort of guide you. Even if you figure out what it truly is, you may not end up being an emo in the end, like i said before, it is something that alot of people have to be born as, its like a personality or a certain way that you look at things in life, and I’m not saying that if you took every emo kid in the world that they would all agree on each others views and thoughts, of course, every one thinks differently. But i was the rare occasion where it ends up that the wemo was a true emo all along, and just didnt know it… and just because most emos these days are wemos they’ve atleast got the style right…. and remember, just because one emo/wemo cuts themselves, it doesn’t mean every emo cuts themselves. That’s right…emo/wemo…. alot of emos do actually cut themselves and some DO commit suicide, not always because they think it makes them emo, some truly 100% emo people do in fact commit suicide and do self-harm, but the thing is, even if they weren’t emo, they’d probably be doing it anyways… now to all you parents out there, stop trying to make your child something they aren’t, and probably never will be. And im not saying “let them dress like a slut and get raped” or “let them be a slut if that is who they want to be” but as long as they aren’t getting hurt, if they want to dye their hair, the most you can do is talk to them about it and put in your POV’s. Ask them why they want to dye it and discuss why you don’t want them to, because in the end if they are emo, they will be emo despite what you say, this is the reality, and im sorry to say it but your efforts will have gone to waste in the end. And if you truely love them, then you won’t care about what others think when they see you in public. And if you true love them, you will respect their free will and their rights to their body. Again, im not saying that its ok for them to be going out to clubs or fuck-fests but let them express who they are, and let them be themselves because these days, parents tell their kids to do exactly that, but when they decide to do so and not care what others think or say, and go to the mall wearing florescent colours in their hair, or baggy pants. or skinny jeans, or socks and sandals, why should we judge them? they have the confidence to not care about looking cool or being accepted, or fitting in… they care that they themselves like how they look and it doesn’t matter what we like or don’t like, or if we think it isn’t right to wear their hair in their face. And when they find love, it will be true because theyare not changing themselves to suit some one and if that person wants them, they will like them for themselves! btw… i think the hair in their face is pretty hot as a matter of fact!

  • Emo’s just a style. That’s all. I think it’s funny how people are all defensive when all Alexandra said was that emo WAS a style, and she didn’t like it. Sure, you can throw in ’emo is different. I’m different. I’m an individual’, but please start being ‘individual’ by NOT saying the exact same ‘i’m an emo, but i’m special’ thing. By the way, in saying this, I’m not hating on emos (the style, like I said before). I love emos. I think they’re mostly hott (the guys). And the girls are usually pretty.

  • Okay, well first of all, boys+skinny jeans=GORGEOUS.
    One of the first things i notice about a guy is their hair and jeans. Guys with skinny jeans and a band shirt is perfect and they are usually one of the funniest, and nicest people i know. btdubbs.

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