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I had a dream last night. A dream that I haven’t finished and that’s left a bizarre sensation in me.

All I remember from my dream is a feeling. Which I cannot describe.

Several times today I found myself lost, thinking about my dream, trying to recreate the flow of events that lead to that feeling. I remember no events. But that feeling lingered on like an aftertaste.

And whenever I feel this aftertaste it’s like butterflies are flying around in my stomach and my heart skips a tenth of a beat. It only lasts a second but it’s so overwhelming!

It’s not sadness and it’s not joy, it’s somewhere in between. It’s like being in love and wanting to cry at the same time.

I didn’t know we were able to remember feelings, unattached from events, just lonely, shapeless feelings. I wish to keep this one with me forever although I can feel this feeling slipping away as if the cap of the bottle it was kept in is slowly being opened.

I’ve written this to remember the day I dreamt of a feeling.

The images below are so in tune with my state.






dream Credits for pictures:

1&2: Zara’s photostream

3: What Meg said photostream

4-6: DPChallenge

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  • this has happend to me before. I only wake up with this great feeling, but after a while it all subsides….

    It’s good to remember.


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