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When you think about your childhood, what is the first thing that comes to mind?

For me it’s the cartoons my sister and I used to watch. When we first discovered Cartoon Network, the channel that had cartoons all day long, non-stop, Oh My God, we were ecstatic! Life could not get any better.

In the Golden Cartoon Network age which only lasted a couple of years we watched Galtar, Captain Caveman, Plastic Man, and other ones I don’t remember.


On YouTube, the source of all wondrous things you can see episodes of all these cartoons. I tried watching some Galtar a few weeks ago, but… I guess you really have to be a kid to enjoy it. The only thing funny about this experience was D’s comment “hey, why don’t you have an outfit like that?” vis-a-vis the purple corset/mini skirt/armor and above-knee-length boots Galtar’s female companion is wearing. Yeah. I’ll wear that when you bring home a sword and a blue horse with two horns coming out of its forehead (I’ll go out on a limb here and say that’s not a real horse!).



But before Cartoon Network there was the era of Japanese cartoons: Sandy Belle, Candy, Perrine, The Prince and the Mermaid (I couldn’t find any decent quality pics for this one). In the old days,when the author of this blog was an annoying brat (aka, the 90s), cartoons were dubbed, especially the Japanese ones. Which means there was one guy doing all the voices and you could still here the original Sayonara! or Arigato! in the background. Oh, those were the days! Who could resist those big, watery, shiny eyes filled with lots of tiny bubbles?




Then there was the era of the Japanese anime on Italia Uno. That was the time I understood Italian perfectly and could speak it fairly well. Seriously. And you know what was cool about those cartoons? The theme songs, in Italian, sung by Cristina D’Avena and which my sister and I would sing ceaselessly. Even though some of the words came out in non-Italian. We watched L’Isola della piccola Flo (Little Flo’s island), Occhi di gatto (Cat’s eyes), Zorro, Fiocchi di cotonne per Jeanie (Cotton flowers for Jeannie), Papa gamba-lunga (Daddy long-legs), and many, many others.
occhi di gatto22 280px-Flo_robinson

I loved these anime. Not to sound like a frustrated elderly woman but kids today could benefit a lot from these. The message was always alluding to the importance of having strong values like always helping others, telling the truth, respecting your parents or being a good friend. There were no aliens, no monsters, no Pokemons or mutant creatures.

And now… well, I still watch Dexter’s Laboratory. Because I just love the sound of “Ooooo, what does this button do?” and “Today is a good day for science”!


How about you? What cartoons did you watch as a kid? Which one was your favorite?

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  • Ok, I love “Tom & Jerry”. I don`t think I missed any episode from the Tom&Jerry series. Now I’m trying to determine my little sister to watch this cartoon.

    Also, I had lot of fun watching Dexter’s Laboratory, Ed, Edd & Eddy, Louie’s life, Why Family, and last but not least Looney Tones (especially Bugs Bunny, Duffy Duck and Willy the Coyote vs. Road Runner).

    And I can’t think what stupid new cartoons are available now at Cartoon Network or local cartoon posts around here :|.

  • Needless to say, I was a Cartoon Network addict. As a matter in fact I can say that I owe my “good” english to that channel :)) Really now…Dexter was so so so fun! Johnny Quest, Transformers, Batman…there were SO many (good) cartoons, I lost track.
    Before the era of CN though, I used to watch PRO 7 and RTL 1 (you know, the german ones) and one cartoon I loved was Ghost Busters…Granted it was dubbed but hey, when I go thru DE or AU now,I can go to the man behind the teller and say “50euros for pump seven please” :))

  • I’m a Huuuge fan of animes. I simply love them, mainly because of the unique, non-European way that they are made:) The main character usually is the dumbest one around and that makes them really funny, seeing how they all depend on each other through the series. Some of my favorite childhood cartoons weren’t animes however. I really loved Cartoonnetwork when I was a kid, I’d watch it all the time 🙂 My favorite cartoon was, undoubtedly, Pokemon. Why you ask? Well because it was something new, the fact that the “animals” helped out the human and they all got along and fought alongside one another which really got me 🙂 Oh and there was Scooby-Doo, Looney tunes, another one of my favorites, then there was Dexter’s Laboratory and many more .:)

  • Mihai, I agree Cartoon Ntwk is so bad now… Such a shame.

    Vlad, you’re so right with learning English from CN. My English got so much better after I started watching CN. I remember during my English class from 3rd grade I used the word sorceress in a sentence. And the teacher was all “wow! where did you come up with that?!”

    Eugen you’re obviously younger than me. How can I tell you ask? You’re a Pokemon fan! I never quite got those cartoons. But you know how they say “there’s no accounting for tastes!”

  • I was addicted to Captain Planet, and I mean reeeaally addicted. At school, we used to cut the colored plastic book covers to design “Captain Planet” rings (needles to say, my parents were not pleased at all …)

  • — Oana, how could I forget about Captain Planet? it was one of my favorites as well. Another one with a good message to mold those young minds of ours. I remember the plastic rings we used to make as well. So cool!


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