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Chic Sundays: reading material

Hello my darlings!

I am so tired today, I’ve been shopping for 5 hours. Can you imagine the state of my poor feet?

Anyway, I’m going to share with you some of the cute fashion+decor blogs that I read on a daily basis. Ready? Here it goes!

Filled with pictures of inspiring interiors, colorful dresses and peaceful nature getaways.


Abounding in cute, vintage, cozy finds.


{This is glamorous}
Where you’re sure to find fashionable eye-candy every time you drop by!


Simply Magic
Where the lovely Suzanne Marques will tell you how much she loves Louboutins, and you cannot help but sigh in agreement. 

simply magic

Trust your style
Mary Jo’s creations are adorable and so is her blog. Trusting one’s own style is indeed key for every fashion lover!

trust style

Unruly things
Where Alyson will share her most recent Etsy finds, her love for jewelry and summer dresses and cute photos.


(Into) the Fray
I’m always amazed by Ambika’s talent and her ingenuity, as she’s turning each article of clothing into a real gem. 


Life in a venti cup
Although I cannot afford most of the things that Franki writes about such as LAMB footwear or the latest Diane von Furstenberg wrap dress, I must admit I usually turn to her blog to know what’s knew in the fashion world.


Darling Dexter
What I love the most about Whitney’s blog are her daily wear posts. Her creativity is so contagious! It’s always useful to know the tips and tricks on how you can be stylish even if you don’t have Paris Hilton’s finances.


Naturally Nina
Nina writes such lovely posts about… well, everything really, everything that makes you appreciate life’s small pleasures more.


Grey likes weddings
Well, you can guess what the main theme of the blog is. Weddings… filled with love, originality and amazing taste.


A cup of Jo
I’m always happy when I see a new post from Jo. She writes about fashion and decor with such a lovely personal touch. Oh, and did I mention her contribution to Smitten, the relationship blog from Glamour magazine?


Cachemire et soie and Cherry blossom girl
These are 2 blogs written by 2 Parisian girls. And we all know what they say about fashion and Paris, don’t we?



Have a good Monday!

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  • Thank you so much for the link! And also for introducing me to some new sites!

  • thanks for the shoutout sweetheart! love the company as well :)))

  • I am blown away to be included with such great sites! Thank you! & I’m off to check out the few I haven’t seen yet!


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