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Crossing Over (2009)

I’ve had my share of time spent in Embassies and Consulates all over the world, and I’ve seen people so devastated by the words “you don’t have sufficient evidence of binding to your country so we cannot issue a US visa” that they broke down in tears.

Crossing Over is a movie packed with the deep emotional content of seven different stories of people who want to live the American dream. The stories intersect each other through common characters, much like in Babel or Crash.


To quote an IMDb comment

there’s an illegal Mexican woman (a very short role by Alice Braga) who begs Ford’s Max to look after her young son in the care of unfriendly relatives, a Jewish musician (Jim Sturgess) who’s waiting to qualify for residency and willing to do just anything to get there, his Australian girlfriend (Alice Eve) and Hollywood actress wannabe who had granted 2 months worth of on-demand sexual favours to an Immigration official (Ray Liotta) in exchange for a green card, whose wife (Ashley Judd) wants to adopt a child placed in a detention centre, who meets an Iranian girl (Summer Bishil whose essay failed to condemn the terrorists of 9/11 and gotten her and her family into hot soup.
Then there’s a Korean family who is waiting to be naturalized whose eldest son got involved with thugs (ala Gran Torino rites of passage style), and another ICE agent (Cliff Curtis) whose family cannot stand their estranged sister whom they feel is a disgrace of their values, tradition and custom by adopting the lifestyle of Americans, yet strangely ironic as they too pursue to be American citizens

My opinion? worth watching.

I was really surprised at how much Indie has grown old. I almost missed his hat (I’m not going to say I missed his whip too because who knows what you guys will be thinking…). My favorite though, was Cliff Curtis’s performance. I was convinced he was in 300. But no.

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  • love the new layout, and that movie seems cool. It makes me glad to be born american, and not have to jump through all the hoops to get a green card.

  • I always wondered about this movie–I saw the previews but then it came and went before I had a chance. I’m glad you wrote about it, I will have to check it out. Thanks! Hope you’ve been having a good week!

    xo Mary Jo


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