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03I loved these prints since the first moment I spotted them on No Quedan Blogs (I think, anyway, they’re all over the internet now).

But I cannot tell you how long it took D to realize what they meant. It would be too embarrassing. I guess he’s a PC guy to the very marrow of his bones.

I think the toughest one was the [Mac H sign, or whatever]W. What the heck does that mean? Close? Really? Doesn’t ALT+F4 seem a lot more intuitive?!

What about you dear readers? Are you Mac or PC people at heart? Do you love PCs but sometimes wish you could indulge yourself in a secret love affair with a Mac? I know I do.

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  • The nice thing about Mac is that it combines the stability and security of the Unix OS, with a slightly more user-friendly front and GUI. I use Linux at work, and OSX at home, and because the two are essentially Nix systems, you can easily communicate between the two.

    For my next computer, I’d consider going back to the PC and switching entirely to Ubuntu — the problem is that Linux just doesn’t have any good support for media editing, like Photoshop or Lightroom.

    Pity 🙁

  • By the way, you’re right. The Command-W shortcut is for ‘close’. The symbol is referred to as ‘command’.

  • haha, I’m a PC person, but these were pretty easy to figure out just by looking at them…

    Then again, I grew up playing all these weird brain teaser games….


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