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Hope this makes you smile!

I’ve posted before about squirrels. But I can’t help it, they’re too cute.

I was going through my picture folder and came across these.



They were taken during one of D’s incursions in a park nearby this winter. After stating his affection for the furry little creatures he expressed his concern that they would not survive the harsh Montreal winter.

So he armed himself with the camera, a bag of peanuts and set sail towards Parc LaFontaine to feed the squirrels. One by one the peanuts went into the paws of the fluffy squirlies.


WHAT?! It’s a cashew! He gave them cashews! MY CASHEWS!!! Excuse me while I go kill him for a while!


Nom! Nom! Nom! Dis cashoo is gud!


My favorite squirly posture is this one


with their paws almost pointing to themselves as if asking “Who? Me? You have a peanut for me?”.

You know what D favorite part of the trip was? When they started climbing on his leg aiming for his backpack, the Fort Knox of cashews.


Whacha got there? Food? I like food! Why are you taking my picture? You think I’m cute? Fine. Now give me food.


A few weeks ago, when it was starting to get a bit spring-like and the snow was almost gone, D told me that on his way from work he saw a lot of squirrels looking for stuff (assuming it was food) on the ground, in a park.


Before I go into any details, you need to know that last autumn when we went to the same LaFontaine Park to feed them they took the nutty treats and ran away. Only to hide them in a big pile of leaves that had been gathered from the alleys and were going to be burnt. Nooo, we were thinking. Don’t hide your stash in the leaves! Come on, don’t you see that’s not an area worth investing into? You really need a real estate agent!


[Hmm, I wonder if I should have that last piece. It’s quite fattening, I know. But it’s sooo good, I just can’t help myself. Can you hear that? It’s calling my name!]



“I bet I know what they were thinking” said D as he was telling me about the food search of a weeks ago, “I bet they were asking themselves: Now where is that big pile of leaves? It was around here somewhere. Where could it be? You remember how many nuts we had stashed away in there, Norman? I told you to write down the address, but no, you wouldn’t listen. Visual memory you said. Well, show me, Norman. WHERE IS THE PILE?”

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