Liar, liar, your pants are on FIRE!

Girls can usually tell when guys are lying. We just do, men. Think of it as part of our female intuition, or a part of our brains equipped with a lie-radar if it makes you feel any better.

I can always tell when D is trying to trick me. Like when I ask “did you get the new season of The Office?” and he’d say “No… I haven’t” although he has and gives it all away with a small smile which he tries to hold back but cannot. That and the look in his eyes activate my lie-radar: beep-beep-beep-beep. And he knows it. But D is a perseverant guy, he doesn’t give up that easily and every once in a while he’ll give it another shot.

One morning after I woke up he came to me and said something which seemed kind of bizarre so I asked “Are you trying to trick me?”. To which he replied “Can you tell if I’m lying?”. I carefully went over the tell-tale signs in my mind but couldn’t find any: no smile, no funny look, nothing. “No, I can’t tell if you’re lying” I said. And a feeling of panic took over me: have I lost my edge? Have my muses deserted me? or worse: is D actually getting good at this? [gasp] 😉

“Excellent! We’re getting there!” said D while he was rubbing his hands together and letting out a Muttley-esque laugh “Hih hih hih!”.



The title of this post was inspired from Frank Caliendo’s impersonation of Al Pacino. Caliendo is a very talented stand-up comedian. He does impressions of Bush, Clinton, Al Pacino, Robert DeNiro, characters from Seinfeld and Scooby Doo, Jay Leno and other guys I don’t know.

My favorite is the DeNiro as Frankenstein impression. Which one do you like best?

Watch him here:

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  • I’m not surprised. It’s rather well known that women are better communicators than men (in a vague, social-scientific sense).

    After all, my day consists of grunts and the occasionally nod of the head. How can I be expected to compete with a women?

  • @Phil : Don’t fold just yet…I’m sure that D is as successful in detecting Alex’ lies as she is in detecting his 😛

    On a different note, women are actually better when it comes to detecting body odor :
    Maybe what happens is D swets a lot when he’s lying and A can smell that :)) How funny would that be? :))))

    I’m sure that’s not the case here though 😛


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