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Omelette ‘du’ fromage

D: Honey, would you like some of my royal omelet?

Me: ‘Royal’ omelet?

D: Actually a royal omelet on steroids!

This made my day!

[FYI it was a big-ass omelet containing eggs, potatoes, chicken and red peppers. Yum!]

It reminded me of the episode of Dexter’s Laboratory when Dexter wants to learn French and he ends up saying just “omelette du fromage”.

As a side note, for non-French speakers the correct term is “omelette au fromage”.


Enjoy the video!

This is the link if the video is not working.

Comments (9)

  • Potatoes???? How did you get those in there? I assume they’d previously been at least partially cooked? Do tell… 🙂

    P.S. I’m going blonde this weekend. Wish me luck. 😀

  • Potatoes? How’d you get those little suckers in there? I assume they’d been at least partially cooked previously (ummm, is this the correct phrase order??? I have a cold and am slightly feverish, so I can’t be sure my brain hasn’t just up-and-atom-ed for the Bahamas on an early weekend getaway trip 😀 ) Do tell!!!

    P.S. I’m going blonde tomorrow. Wish me luck! 😛

  • Bollocks! I just posted the same nonsense twice!

  • Well, if it makes you feel any better, I’m going blonde with a bit of red thrown in for good measure (and lots of fun). I must have missed that one with Phoebe. What was it about?

    I’m serious too, about going blonde. Fingers crossed. 😀

  • I second that … do not go blonde.

  • Well, it’s too late now, I already have! And it looks… ummm… GREAT!!!! 😛 It does, I swear. There’s a bit of purple-indigo thrown in the back, front and sides for fun, the color is a very shiny honey-and-butter blonde, I’ve also lighten my eyebrows, and I promise you, it looks “totally” cute on me. Plus, everybody says so. :)) It’s a rich, warm color and it lightens my complexion, as opposed to something more platinum-y – which is cold – that would have made me pale and dull. It doesn’t wash me out, all I need is a bit of lipgloss if I feel like it and I’m good to go. 😀

  • *lightened my eyebrows

    I’ll offer photographic evidence soon. 😉


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