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21 accents

This is a video of a young actress who can speak with 21 different accents.



I want to take this opportunity to tell you something about accents. Because accents are important. My favorite is the Irish accent. And I think D’s favorite is the British accent. He tries to be ‘spot on’ on that one. Get it perfectly and 100% accurate. And to achieve this he tries, he really does. His voice goes up a bit (yes, it does. I fail to understand why.) and he tries to mimic that stiff upper lip the Brits have.

“Oh hello. I’m D and I’m trying to sound pompous because I will be having tea and scones with Her majesty the Queen. Cheerio old chap!”


Can you speak with an accent? Which one?

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  • uiz rumeiniăn ecsănt of cors.

  • It’s mind-boggling how hugely variant British accents are — so much so that you can get several different accents all in the same city or county. Most Americans think of the posh sorts like the standard Received Pronunciation (RP), but I assure you, there are many more ‘unpleasant’ accents than there are pleasant ones (in the sense that I find them very difficult to understand and harsh to the ear). In Canada or America, it’s really difficult to tell the difference between accents, even between regions far apart. Not so much in Britain.

    My favourite accent? My own, I suppose.


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