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Did I mention I hate my neighbors?

I do. Because under their window they have the most amazing blossomed cherry tree.



Isn’t it divine? Like made of marshmallows. Yum!



Also, it makes me think of Japan. Cherry blossoms would have that effect on me. This is what you see if you position yourself right under its branches and look up towards the blue patches of sky.



And as if this tree wasn’t enough, imagine waking up, looking out the window and seeing these huge white magnolia flowers. It’s as if they’re saying “in your face, person-passing-by-and-wishing-they-lived-here!”


This picture doesn’t do it justice but the best time to look at a magnolia tree is when the sun shines trough the branches making you feel you’re in some sort of dream.



I like magnolias because they’re so unusual: the tree has almost no leaves, just branches and huge flowers and an amazing scent!





When I have my own little house with a front lawn and a back garden you know what I’m going to plant in that garden? Two magnolia trees. A white one and a pink one. Because I can’t decide which one I like more…


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  • OMG. Those are so pretty. Main criteria when I get a place: pretty trees.


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