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Life, universe and everything


Meaning LMAO!!! [three exclamation points because it’s knock-your-shorts-off funny].

I was going to post something about something that happened this weekend. But I’ll leave it for another time.

I just came across this hilarious post on Raluxa’s blog [in Romanian]. It’s just one of those cases where you thank the Internets for being a bottomless pit full of examples of… how should I put this mildly?… sheer human stupidity.



Here are some of the answers given:

* did you gulp down boiling water? lol.

* You won’t die, but some ancient cultures believe in a pillow monster that lives in your vagina. This isnt acknowledged in modern medicine, however, the steam could be caused be the troll exhaling.

* Next time this happens, place a ceramic cup with 1 spoon of Nescafe Gold Blend, 2 sugars and a dash of milk between your legs. Bon Apetite!

* Does it smoke? Seriously, I have seen strippers perform this very trick. Perhaps after getting checked out, if there is nothing wrong, you might consider taking your act on the road.

* Steam coming from the Vagina acts as a sauna for the Male’s Penis during intercourse.

* see a doctor steamy vagina is a well known disease

* Unfortunately, your vagina is releasing harmful greenhouse gases that are contributing to global warming. I suggest that you capture the steam using a plastic bag or else you can cause a global catastrophe.

* It’s a raptor on a locomotive, attempting to rob you of your precious eggs. You must stop him at all costs if you ever want children.

* It shouldn’t be a problem as long as you use protection. My wife had steamy vag and I did not heed the warning signs. I just had to have it. I now walk around with 18th degree burns on my peepee. Why, dear lord did I tempt the steamy vag?

* That’s perfectly normal for a 19th century robot.

* I think this means the pasta is done.


A part of this Yahoo! stream can be seen here as PNG.

Is this chick for real?

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  • Strange. Don’t HTML links work in your comments?

    Let’s try again

    Or: http://i83.photobucket.com/albums/j295/markg_76/Georgia.jpg

  • I’ve seen plenty of dumb ass questions on yahoo… I really hope that they’re just doing that for fun.
    If not…that means Idiocracy (see the movie) is really gonna come true…

  • omg. that’s the worst thing ever. haahaaaaaa. how did this person even find the question to begin with?

  • — @Phil: OMG! the Georgia thing was unbelievable.

    — @Vlad: I don’t think the girl was kidding. Did you see Phil’s link about Georgia? There are some pretty stupid people out there.

    — @Bookish Spazz: No idea whatsoever.


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