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Find the bug!

We went to the Botanical Garden this weekend and we spent some time in the Insectarium where D went absolutely crazy taking pictures of all the bugs they had there.

If  you paid attention and listened closely all you could hear was the kids ooo-ing and aaahh-ing over all the scarabs, scorpions and other six-legged creatures and the sound of the shutter from D’s camera. Sometimes you’d also see the occasional flash burst, which reminded me of scenes from horror movies. Why? you ask… Well what would you think of if you found yourself in a dark-ish room, with scorpions and tarantulas crawling on the walls (confined in glass boxes, but crawling nonetheless), little kids screaming and a click—click—click-click-click sound every minute?

Oh, I kid. You know I do. It was such a wonderful Sunday afternoon. And when I took a look at D’s pictures I was absolutely flabbergasted. Can you spot the bug in this picture? Is the little bugger a master of camouflage or what?




Anybody knows what insect this is? I forgot to check the explanatory tag…

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