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Guys and vitamins

Have you ever tried to convince a guy to take some pills? It’s not a job for amateurs. Vitamins, Tylenol, Advil, anything, they run away from it like the devil from the exorcist. My theory is that it’s the same thing as with maps. They are fierce creatures, men, born with acute hunting and orientation skills. Also they are tough, resistant to the utmost severe, flu-inducing conditions. Maps are futile. Tylenol is futile.

D is no exception to this stereotype.

He refuses to get a flu shot every time my Mom [an MD] offers the dead virus vaccine. “No thanks, I think I can handle a flu. I’m quite resistant”. Ok, have it your way.

But this winter my careful analysis of his health made me realize that his immune system might actually benefit from some boosting and pumping up. So I went to the drug store and bought some amino acids supplements aimed at beefing up your antibody-producing cells.


Me: “Here, take this” I say handing him 1 tablet and a glass of H2O.

D: “What’s this?”

Me: “It’s an amino acid supplement”.

D: “No, thanks. I don’t need acids”.

Me: “No, it’s an AMINO acid". It’s what you’re made of. See, you’re made of proteins, and proteins…”

D: “Whoaa. Sounds like you’re speaking Italian” [No, he didn’t actually say this. I just added it right now to make the conversation seem more interesting.]

D: “Well, if I’m made of amino acids, I think I have plenty of them. I don’t need any more. No, thanks.”

Me: “But… but… [this is going to be harder than I anticipated] You see, all you’re made of it’s amino acids. And if some of them are not in the right quantities, the proteins won’t function very well”

D: “Wait a minute. I’m not ALL made of amino acids. I’m 70% water. Ha! Bet you didn’t see that coming”

Me: “Resistance is futile. Fine! I give up. Have it your way. No amino acids for you! Just don’t start whining and ask for tea when you get the sniffles again!”


How about you, male readers? Do you take vitamins, minerals and oligoelements?


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  • I’m against flu shots since I got sick 2 days after I took a flu shot 3 years ago. It may be just a coincidence, but I got sick pretty bad.
    As for supplements, I’m afraid of taking them since I have a sedentary life-style and I’m not sure how they would affect my weight, since I don’t do too much exercising in parallel.

  • Pills… well I’m immune to some pills. After having the same problem over and over again, and then taking the same pills over and over again the sistem just accepts them as being something natural for it. I don’t quite ask “How good is that pill?” as long as it makes me good again. On the other hand I don’t really take pills that often because I learned my lesson … taking pills for every little pain will make you imune to that pill.

    Engleza mea mai lasa de dorit uneori, nu am mai avut o conversatie in engleza de mult, ce sa mai spun de scris.

  • –Florin, I think this is what my boyfriend is thinking of when I tell him to take an aspirin for his cold or something like that. He thinks he’ll become immune to that pill and that it won’t work next time. But that’s not exactly what I was referring to. I don’t necessarily stuff myself with antibiotics at the first sneeze, I’m quite against that, really…
    I think that taking supplements (minerals, vitamins, etc) is very beneficial. A balanced diet and harmonious functioning of our being depends on having enough Ca, Mg, Se, vitB, vitD, etc.

    –Catalin, yes, I agree, the flu shot can sometimes give nasty reactions. But overall I think it’s a good idea. The more you’re exposed to different viruses, the more you’re likely to mount a protective response when a very “bad” mutated virus hits.
    As for lack of exercise and vitamins, I’d say that as long as you don’t take protein cocktails or hormones and whatnot you’re safe.

  • Well, maybe you could suggest him that slamming his head with a hmmer once will not make him immune to the pain for futher slammings :)) it will do the trick over and over again, how astounding:)) well, chemically speaking it goes just the same with aspirins.
    woodheaded, these men are, sometimes…


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