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D&I saw Star Trek this weekend. And O.M.G! Were we in for a treat.

Now don’t get confused, I am not a trekkie. No. I think only those that have memorized each of Spock and Cpt. Kirk’s words and can reproduce them at any hour of the night can be called trekkies. I do not qualify. I only watched The Next Generation seasons because of my crush for Picard. There I said it! I find him very… how should I put it? Sexy. I’ll explain this more in detail in another post.


Last weekend we paid $30 for what I thought was going to be 1.5 hours of deafening explosions, shallow characters and F minus dialogue. Instead we got almost 2 hours of mind-blowing special effects, funny moments that had us el-oh-el-ing, and intense moments that took our breath away.

The movie is, IMO the best sci-fi since The Matrix. The first Matrix that is. It’s not better than The Matrix, because it doesn’t have the advantage of a very original idea. Star Trek has a four-decade old idea but it exploits it to the max.


Everyone in the theatre enjoyed it, but I think the biggest fan was the guy sitting to my left [no, not D. The other left]. I knew this from the numerous “oh yeah!” he let out whenever the good guys were kicking ass, to the way too loud laugh even when the humor was so-and-so, and to the applause at the end. The guy didn’t care he was the only one in the theatre applauding, he just kept at it. And that’s what makes a true fan. Showing your support and admiration and not giving a shit whether the others find you a bit coo-coo.


Anyway, enough with the chit-chat! Here are some of the things I loved about this movie. [I’ll try not to give away too much of the plot].

1. The humor. It always makes a good movie even better.


2. Well… Chris Pine as James T. Kirk. Ahem. What? He does a really good job.




3. Anton Yelchin as Pavel Chekov. I already loved him in Alpha Dog and seeing him here, blond, curly hair and all, I just wanted to pinch his cheeks! Contrary to what others say, I liked his Russian accent. “Authorization code 3-alpha-wictor-wictor…” too good!




4. The bad guy from Heroes does a really good job here as Spock. And bonus! The real Nimoy is here. As Spock. You’ll just have to solve this dilemma by yourselves.




5. The love story is not the common bad-boy-gone-good-meets-good-girl type. It’s more surprising. Nope, I’m not saying more. My lips are sealed.


6. Scotty! I didn’t expect to see Mr. Hot Fuzz in here, but there he is, Irish accent and all.




Will this stick a glow-in-the-dark label on my forehead saying “GEEK”? Most likely. Do I care? Absolutely I don’t.

Chris, one of the people whose blog is in my RSS feed list, said:

No, the reason I’m not going to see Star Trek is that it’s time I draw my Nerd Line in the sand, and this is where I’m drawing it.


If I don’t draw my Nerd Line at Star Trek, the next thing I know I’ll be telling my friends, “No, thanks guys! I’d rather not go out to the bar and drink like my Irish ancestors intended me to, I’m right in the middle of a high stakes game of Boggle!”

I say, man, life is short. Explore your inner nerd if that makes you happy.

So, go on, watch this movie. In IMAX if possible, it will make ALL the difference.

Have a great evening guys. And in the spirit of this post, live long and prosper!

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  • new Kirk is OH MAZING

  • Oh, darn, between you and Pajiba, a review site I highly recommend, now I HAVE to see this movie. Not that I’m complaining, just thought I’d let you know. :))

  • I just checked Pajiba. It’s so GRRREAT! Thanks.


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