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Perfect ending

It rained today. Oh, I love the smell of spring rain, don’t you? I want to expand my lungs to their maximum capacity and breathe it all in. Everything smells clean, the air is a tad colder, and when it touches your face you instantly wake up.

You’re instantly overwhelmed by this feeling of well being, exaltation almost and for a moment, a split second you experience sheer happiness. It’s the short time when your brain is busy analyzing the awesomeness around you and you focus just on that. As if you were unaware of your surroundings, your worries, your plans, your cares. It’s priceless.

Today ended just perfectly: a camera, a little stroll on the campus and a few shots of bloomed trees.


I started on Prince Arthur St. where I saw this “marshmallow tree” in front of an old stone house. Almost bohemian!



After a few steps I turned around and loved the way the sunset light fell on the wet pavement.



Once on the McGill campus I spotted these trees.



And then, right on McGill College St. there was this



a euphoria of blossoms and pink tulips.



And while I was under that line of trees I felt like on a set for A Midsummer Night’s Dream. I was almost expecting Titania to come out and dance with her fairies.




Sometimes a warm breeze would sweep away the petals on the sidewalk in a pink whirlwind.



What a perfect sight for ending an ordinary day in May!


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  • Be-autiful! 🙂


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